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Automating business processes is a key initiative for today’s enterprises. Not only does automation reduce multiple tedious tasks, it also increases accuracy and productivity, and helps boost profitability. Enterprise-level organizations process vast amounts of data each day, and it is here that accuracy and streamlining the processes through automation is most critical.

ICS offers sophisticated capture and distribution business applications with forms recognition that intelligently powers document capture, processes, routes, and helps enterprises stay efficient, while strengthening their bottom line. Enter index data at the control panel of your copier, enhancing the overall workflow and ensuring accurate information is being attached to your document data while

PinPoint Scan

Kyocera brings speed and flexibility to one of your most essential workflow functions with PinPoint Scan™ 3, powered by HyPAS. With one easy-to-install application, your employees will have their own personalized scanning solution designed to fit their unique workflow needs. Instead of restrictive scan to email or scan to shared folder methods, employees can now scan directly to any number of locations on their PC or Mac, quickly and securely, from a network-connected Kyocera MFP. PinPoint Scan 3 also protects confidential documents, since all communication between the MFP and the receiving device is encrypted. Ask a question...

DM Connect Pro

This enables organizations to scan documents using 2D Barcode capabilities, eliminating human error associated with the manual entry of data, thus increasing productivity. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and Forms Recognition feature interpret the type of document that was scanned, (invoice, Excel spreadsheet, etc.) and extract only the essential information from the scanned document type. Captured information can be easily dispersed throughout the enterprise, while providing secure access to vital information to enhance workflow productivity. Ask a question...

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Do staff productivity levels drop dramatically during network outages, interruptions, or security failures? Supported by Caspian IT Group’s team of experienced IT professionals, your network will never be a hindrance to productivity and growth.

Your IT systems should be secure, reliable, and efficient. Speak with us to reduce the financial impact of IT failure on your business.

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