Managed Print Services

ICS Managed Print Services: Save Time & Money with PaperCut

Are you ready to not have to worry about printer repair, service or supplies anymore? Then it's time to reap the benefits of an ICS Managed Print Services plan.

Our average MPS client saves a minimum of 30% from their current printer operating cost, money already being spent.  In many cases that number soars to over 50% savings.  We offer an upfront extensive cost analysis report of your current printer fleet and cost.

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Printer Security

Protecting your printers from outside cyber-attacks and internal data loss is crucial. MPS can help.

Consolidated Devices & Vendors

Do more with less. Right-sizing your current fleet to maximize efficiency and centralize your printer management is what MPS is all about.

Live Reporting of Service & Printer Activity to Manage Your Printer Fleet

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Sixty-four percent of SMBs can’t track their print costs and usage, so they don’t know where their money is being spent. MPS grants you the ability to manage and track costs.

Controlled Costs

Printing less, centralizing vendors, streamlining processes and easing the IT team burden all contribute to your ability to monitor, control and cut costs with MPS.

Automated Supply Fulfillment

Spend your time on what really matters, not on managing and ordering toner inventory. Our MPS software can automatically order your toners as you replace them on the fly.

Toner Recycling

It's just one of many environmental benefits of MPS, which helps to decrease wasteful energy and paper consumption caused by printing.

Eased IT Staff Burden

On average, 12% of an IT budget goes to printer care and maintenance. Relieve the burden printer-related issues place on your IT staff. 

Automated Meter Readings

Why waste time finding volume reports for every single printer you're responsible for? MPS tracks that data automatically.

On-going Review of Program Benefits

Once you have optimized and begun to manage your print environment, it’s time to review and analyze the results, so you can explore further improvements to workflows and improve your business processes.


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