Sidekick Series Scanners from Kodak

If you want high-quality and efficient scanning right by your side, you've come to the right place. Packed with professional-grade scanning features, the Sidekick Series contains in a single box everything you need to connect and operate a total desktop scanning solution. This entry-level scanner bundle is the perfect solution for small offices or departments that need convenient, professional-quality scanning solutions. And the best part? Sidekick boosts productivity and produces picture-perfect images while sitting snug on your desktop.


Sidekick Series Scanners

from Kodak

Our Sidekick family of scanners delivers high-performance document imaging to medical, legal, insurance and financial offices, as well as departments of hospitals, government agencies, law firms and educational institutions. An ideal fit for distributed scanning environments, Sidekick is loaded with productivity and image enhancement features that make it easy to get high-quality digital images of all your important documents.

Productivity.  Sidekick is built to reduce document prep and save you time.  With impressive daily duty cycles and a high-capacity document feeder, Sidekick turns scanning into one of the easiest things you do all day.

Sidekick is a time-saver.  You already know that as a desktop scanner, Sidekick is convenient. But that's not the only way it helps you cut down on wasted time.  Sidekick is fast and comes loaded with productivity tools that save you time and money.

Get Big Functionality in a Small Package.

Sidekick may have a small footprint, but it's always up for a challenge.  Whether you need to scan business cards or letterhead, Sidekick's got you covered.  The scanner can handle documents ranging from 2 inches x 2.8 inches to 8.5 inches x 14 inches (legal size), and with a daily duty cycle of up to 4,000 documents, it doesn't take many breaks.

Additionally, the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) can hold up to 120 documents, giving you more time to focus on your work while Sidekick does its.

But that's not even the best part.  Since we know you have a big workload and no time to waste, we designed Sidekick 1400u to fly through pages at up to 43 pages per minute and Sidekick 1200 to scan at a 23 pages per minute clip.

Kiss Multifeeds Goodbye (or Not).

If you're tired of being slowed down by multifeeds, look no further than Sidekick 1400u.  This model includes ultrasonic multifeed detection.  Like everything else on the scanner it's convenient.  So when Sidekick 1400u recognizes a multifeed, it stops scanning to allow you to simply reinsert the multifeed document(s) and resume scanning.

This model is also versatile enough to let you scan documents like envelopes and documents with sticky notes or photographs that may trigger a multifeed when you don't want them to.  Just use the Multifeed Ignore feature to allow these exception documents to pass through the scanner.

With ultrasonic multifeed detection and the productivity enhancement features like auto cropping and image deskew that come with VirtualReScan® (VRS), you can rest assured that Sidekick will bring efficiency to your office's document management processes.

Image Quality.  Sidekick comes bundled with image enhancement features for auto-cropping, brightness and contrast control.  This ensures that you get high-quality digitized images every time you scan. 

Sidekick keeps it legible.  Sidekick's image enhancement features ensure that you get clear and accurate digital images every time you scan.

Capture Every Inch of Your Documents.

You need your scanned images to be usable and legible to keep your business running smoothly.  And when it comes to forms processing, you need the most accurate digital images possible.

Both Sidekick models come with VRS image enhancement technology, which includes auto brightness and contrast control, as well as Color Background Saturation, which automatically "smooths" a color document background to a uniform color.  Additionally, its Electronic Color Dropout technology helps improve OCR/ICR accuracy by helping remove industry standard reds, greens and blues from digital images.  This is especially handy when you're dealing with forms or other problematic multicolored documents.

Get Accurate Images in Less Time.

Sidekick knows how much you value your documents and your time.  VRS helps add several productivity and image enhancement features to Sidekick, including:

  • Auto Color Detect spots document color so you don't have to sort documents into color and black-and-white before you scan.
  • Auto Rotation adjusts scanned images so they're always displayed upright.
  • Blank Page Deletion saves you file space and the time of having to go through your document batch and remove blank pages.

These efficiency tools help ensure accuracy and perfect images even as they save you valuable time.

Low Cost of Scanning.  With Sidekick, we've included everything you need in the box and made maintenance simple.  Add in the fact this durable scanner boosts accuracy and saves you time, and you have one of the most cost-effective desktop scanners around.

Sidekick skimps.  Or, rather, it helps you skimp.  With easy maintenance that helps you cut down on troubleshooting time and reliable, high-quality scanning that helps you get sharp digital images consistently, Sidekick helps you save on overall cost of scanning.

Find Everything You Need in the Box.

Who wants to buy more accessories just to get your scanner working?  No one we know.  That's why we include in a single box everything you need to get Sidekick up and scanning.  This includes:

  • Scanner hardware
  • USB 2.0 cable for easy connectivity
  • VRS image enhancement technology
  • Power cord, roller cleaning paper and startup CD (with direct ISIS and TWAIN drivers)

Plus, when your feeder rollers wear out, you can easily replace them yourself.  See?  We told you Sidekick was convenient.