PageScope Enterprise Suite from Konica Minolta

The easy way to manage your entire bizhub network -- with accounting, tracking, authentication and customized interface to improve productivity and control costs.

PageScope Enterprise Suite
Konica Minolta
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PageScope Enterprise Suite

from Konica Minolta

PageScope Enterprise Suite is a powerful solution that brings affordable, enterprise-level accounting, user management and authentication within reach of any-sized business. It can authenticate users, track activity, and provide a custom user interface on a whole network of the latest Konica Minolta bizhub MFP's.

Unlike competitive authentication and accounting systems, PageScope Enterprise Suite does not require hardware or software enhancements at each machine. With its modular design, simple operation and customized functionality, PageScope Enterprise Suite can adapt to the needs of all your customers -- and start saving money automatically.

PageScope Enterprise Suite consists of 3 modules:

  • PageScope Account Manager lets you determine who did what, at which machine, and when the activity occurred. It helps you manage document output, control costs, and allocated expenses to specific MFP's, workgroups, departments or projects -- all with minimal setup and administration, saving valuable time for busy IT administrators.
  • PageScope Authentication Manager lets individuals log in and authenticate at each MFP as quickly and easily as logging on to their networked PC. Users can authenticate directly to the Authentication Manager server or directly with active directory. It offers wide range of server-based authentication methods including user name and password, optional HID Proximity card reader, and the advanced Konica Minolta Biometric Authentication Unit with quick "ID and Print" convenience.
  • PageScope My Panel Manager is a unique Konica Minolta advantage that lets every end-user create a personal control panel to appear at a networked Konica Minolta MFP. My Panel displays can be customized to suit individual tastes and needs by changing screens or colors, language, creating personal icons for scan functions, programming up to 12 shortcut keys to functions such as Duplex, Color, Booklet Mode and Finishing to help speed productivity. My Panel also gives users access to their personal address book for all scan functions at a bizhub device. Whichever networked machine you use, your interface will remain the same -- and the moment you log out, your personal data disappears from the MFP.